About us

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First, a few technical data

We have been here since 2003. We operate throughout the Czech Republic and in the context of European projects also internationally.
Originally, we were a civic association, in January 2014 we acquired a legal form of "association" and last summer we became - quite ironically for Quip - a "registered institution".

What is Quip

Quip is an acronym for "Quality in Practice", which is the name of a successful European project that focused on the introduction of quality standards in supported employment. Founders of Quip (Milena Johnová, Pavla Baxová, Táňa Kašlíková) cared very much that the concept of quality, which was becoming very popular in social services, is put in practice and does not remain on paper only.

eQuip is an information system for social services. Although there are things we have in common, be careful and do not confuse – we are not eQuip :)

What we do

We are an accredited education agency. For more information click on Training v horním menu.

We provide individual consultation on issues which we have been addressing in our practical work for many years.

We are a registered provider of social services. For more information click on Social service in the top menu.

We have implemented a number of innovative projects which you can see, if you click on Projects in the top menu.

If you are interested in our methodologies and conceptual materials, click on Documents.