Social services

The essence of our social service is providing information, advice and guidance to people with disabilities. It focuses on mapping the needs of the person and the search for a combination of professional and natural sources of support in the local community.

The aim of social services is to enhance or maintain the social inclusion of disadvantaged people, realization of their human rights, including the right to self-determination and the possibility to live in accordance with their own values.

The scope of social services is individualized so that they meet the needs of people who use them, ranging from basic advice to long-term assistance with coordinating aid and support.

Working with the families and friends of disadvantaged people and with other professionals (public guardian, social workers, communities etc.) is central to our social services. Another very important aspect is our support in the implementation of the rights and legitimate interests in relation to regular public services, courts (guardianship) and other institutions.

Social services we provide to disadvantaged people are based on person centered thinking and planning.

You can read more about our services in Stories (it is only in Czech).